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  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…
  How do you avoid getting hooked into the Illusion Matrix? By being informed. By questioning everything,…

Got Energy Clutter? Easy Tips for Clearing the Space at Work or Home

Hello everyone,

As you may know, we are making some significant changes at Maya's Oasis in the near future. If you didn't have an opportunity to read my article last week where I share some important insights, please feel free to do so. Click here to read article...


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Keeping the energy clear in your home and work space is really important to your overall well-being. Negative energy creates a low frequency and vibration. That energy stores itself in walls, furniture, and the overall infrastructure of a home or office. A high vibration attracts more positive, loving energy and abundance.

Here are some helpful tips to keeping your home or office space clear:

∞ Get rid of clutter--old, dirty or unused items can trap negative energy in your space.

∞ Burn sage or sweetgrass--the ancient practice known as smudging keeps away negative energy. Use a bowl or shell under the burning plant to catch the ashes, and say a blessing prayer in each room that honors your own personal faith. Read more information here...

∞ Loud noises--Drum, clap, or ring a bell in each corner of every room--loud noises helps dislodge stuck energy.

∞ Essential oils--In an empty glass spray bottle, mix @ 5 drops each of lemongrass, sage, & juniper essential oils, a splash of cheap vodka (to preserve the mixture), and fill the rest of the bottle with pure water. Lemongrass is great for clearing energy, and sage is also great for clearing energy as well as for sacred blessing. Juniper is highly protective and will assist in keeping out all of the energies that you are clearing out.

∞ Cleaning--keeping windows, walls, floors, etc. clean to help clear out negative energy.

∞ Open windows--this lets fresh air in and negative energy out. (Do not do in polluted


∞ Meditating in your space helps keep the vibration higher, more powerful and more positive.

∞ Have living plants--they add life, oxygen, color and positive energy.

∞ Words--using positive words in your space honor's their power and creates a 'like-attracts-like' environment.

Stay tuned for next week's newsletter where we will discuss ways to raise and keep a high energetic vibration in your home or workspace. :) Contact Maya if you'd like to book a session with her!

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