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    Hello, dear friends!  I have a wonderful surprise for you! The other morning when I was still in…
    Hello, dear friends!  I have a wonderful surprise for you! The other morning when I was still in…


Part spiritual support healing circle and part Reiki, Energy Healing, and Intuitive Development course, this unique 12-month program for women sets in motion quantum leaps in healing and life transformation! 


Enrollment is now open for this life-changing program! 

Email us now to apply.


“CREATE” stands for….



E-nergy Healing





The CREATE course will help you to…

Reduce drama, stress, and overwhelm

Heal your emotions and past traumas

Activate your body’s natural ability to heal

Learn to make savvy, smart, empowered choices

Clarify and transform areas of your life where you’ve been stuck


Within this course, you will….

Connect with a community of like-minded women and receive support on your spiritual journey

Learn simple yet powerful energy healing techniques that you can use for yourself or others

Develop and apply your natural intuitive abilities to practical everyday life

Receive monthly energy healing and intuitive support from master healer, Maya Zahira


Here’s what students are saying…

Maya's CREATE class has been a wonderful experience. The monthly meetings are inspiring. I go in person, but some attend through video conference. I have met many interesting people and have gained new life skills. Maya is a fellow traveler along the journey. She does not do the work for us, but brings a positive spirit. Everyone in the group is unique. Each person is guided to different kinds of growth, and has different needs, so there are no specific expectations beyond our own intentions. Maya provides space for transformation to happen, lots of support, and instruction in specific skills related to Reiki. I love attending CREATE! I also love having materials available in written form and on the computer for personal study and reference. Thank you for this life-changing class, Maya!

~Eden W., Lawrence, KS

It was easy to connect with Maya’s gentle teaching style.  She listens then confirms what you are saying to make certain she can answer your question.  The CREATE course gave me powerful transformation to move forward in my personal journey.

~Marla S., Overland Park, KS

Participating in the CREATE program has enhanced my spiritual journey for self and physical healing. Anyone is capable of participating. I am a distance student and enjoy the work at your own pace format. Maya has video references to reinforce the material covered, which we can observe at our convenience. With the modules, my reiki skills are becoming more enhanced and my intuitive clarity is experiencing a gradual growth. CREATE has helped open my eyes and my heart to give and receive healing on a physical and emotional level.

~Irina C., Round Rock, TX


Hi, my name is Maya Zahira. 

Twenty years ago, my life was so much different than it is today.

I was completely stressed out and exhausted.

My relationships and work life were full of drama.

I was in a dead end job.

And my health was suffering, too.  I’d been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, and I was barely able to drag myself to work and live my life.

Then, one day, I decided I wanted to find a way to take healing into my own hands.  Deep down, I believed that I could find techniques to reduce my stress, release the drama, and heal my body.  I began learning about energy healing and intuition.  My journey eventually led me to study Reiki and become a double certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher and an eager lifelong student in many modalities of energy healing and intuitive development.

In the process, I healed my life on multiple levels and am still experiencing deeper healing every day. 

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of women, helping them to transform and heal their lives.  With over 20 years experience as an educator and a lifetime of experience as a psychic medium, empath, and visionary, I truly love teaching and empowering people to use the techniques that I use with my own clients.  I’m committed to providing the best education and support possible. 

I look forward to sharing these powerful tools with YOU, and it would be my honor and joy to support you in your journey of healing, transformation, and personal growth.

The inspiration for this 12-month ongoing energy healing course comes from my observations and experiences during 20-plus years of teaching.   In my opinion, the common quickie-crash-course format for Reiki courses does not meet the level of quality education and support that I’d like my students to experience. 

I have the utmost respect for ALL types of class formats and schools of teaching, but with that said, the CREATE program offers an experience with….

MORE hands-on practice,

More one-on-one attention,

More community support,

More teacher follow-up,

More HEALING support, and

More exposure to practical holistic healing tools.


The CREATE program covers traditional Usui Reiki I, Reiki II, and Advanced Reiki. 

Plus, the course also includes several extremely important topics that are often left out or skimmed over in traditional Reiki courses. 

These important topics are: 

Intuitive Development

Energetic Self-Defense

The Aura and Chakras

Healing with Gemstones

Energetics of Essential Oils

Extra Reiki Tools

Sound Healing

Creating Sacred Space

and more!  


The CREATE course is for purpose-driven women who…..

  • Are new to energy healing and Reiki, and you are eager to get started
  • Or, have received Reiki or energy healing education in the past, and want to fill in all the gaps and take your education even further
  • Feel drawn to learn more about energy healing, Reiki, psychic development, and more
  • Are interested in receiving a high quality education that goes much deeper than just the basics
  • Are committed to spending a full 12 months on this program, and seeing it through from beginning to the end of the course
  • Value your own healing and transformation, and are willing to invest time and money in order to make it happen
  • Understand and welcome the positive changes and transformations that this course will bring to your life!


What You Receive Every Month

Ongoing healing support

Group energy healing sessions that are audio recorded, allowing you to listen again and again

Personalized intuitive readings and messages from your guides and angels

Guidance in self-healing and self-care

Guided meditations via audio

Community support

Private Facebook group where you can post your questions, life challenges, and successes, and receive support and encouragement from others in the group

Option to connect privately with members of the group

Healing and Intuition Education

Video and audio content on that month’s topic

One live event either in-person or Skype on our monthly topic

Opportunity for hands-on practice and one-on-one attention with Maya

Complimentary manuals, worksheets, and visuals


Here’s the basic schedule structure

2nd Sun monthly—We have our face-to-face in-person class in Tonganoxie, KS from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. During the class there is opportunity to share and be heard within a supportive circle format. Part of the class is also dedicated to learning techniques for personal transformation.
2nd Mon monthly--ONLINE version of the prior week's in-person class via Zoom video conferencing. Join with your computer or phone from anywhere in the world. 7:30 pm to 9 pm U.S. central time.
2nd Tues monthly—Maya sends you the website module which covers our topic for that month. You can work on the module at your own convenience and pace. Each month we cover a different topic, including energy boundaries, Reiki, chakras & aura, intuitive development and more.
3rd Tues monthly—Online healing support--Rotating options monthly 1.) Distant group healing session which is audio recorded and uploaded to the Facebook page. You can listen at your convenience again and again to receive the healing benefits. 2.) Or intuitive readings with Maya Zahira on the private Facebook page. Submit your question and receive a message from your guides and angels.
4th Tues monthly—integration time, plus bonus content. Take time to integrate what you are learning. This course is not just about feeding your brain. It is about truly integrating these techniques into your life. Now's the time to journal, brainstorm, practice the techniques, and more. You can also take this time to catch up on any past module work, or work on the bonus content included in your monthly modules.
5th Tues monthly--On months when there are five Tuesdays, we take that week off. You can use this week for further integration and catch up, or just take a breather.

Bonus Free Gifts! 

1.) Huge discounts on my other courses. For example, when I am offering a full day Reiki I certification course at Maya's Oasis, the public pays $195 for this course, but CREATE students can join for just $50.


How Does CREATE Work?

Our class meets monthly either in person or via live Zoom conference group calls, making it easy for students all over the world to join! 

All meetings are recorded, so even if you can’t attend a meeting live, you can still fully participate. 

Every month, you will receive in-depth education in energy work and intuitive development, plus ongoing group healing support and intuitive guidance.

The 12-month course includes lots of interaction on our private Facebook page, plus online content, manuals, handouts, homework, and an official certificate of completion for each module. 

CEU's (credits) are available for massage therapists for the following material:  Reiki I, II, III (8 CEU’s each).

The monthly format enables you to have ongoing support each step of the way, as you progress from one level to the next.  The classes include ample time for question and answer and for hands-on practice in each skill, allowing you to develop deeper mastery and feel supported every step of the way.


Course Topics by Month

Remember, even if you’ve taken one or more of these topics, we’d like you to join us for all 12 months in order to review and deepen your skills.

Month 1—Introduction to Energy Healing + healthy energy boundaries

Month 2--Reiki I energy healing, part 1 (focus is on healing self)

Month 3—Reiki I energy healing, part 2 (Focus is on healing the physical body)

Month 4—Intuitive Development 101

Month 5—More Intuitive Tools + Connecting with your guides and angels

Month 6—The Aura and Chakras (healing with color, how to use a pendulum for energy evaluation, cord cutting, and more)

Month 7—Energy Healing with Gemstones (common gemstones for energy healing + how to create a Reiki healing crystal grid)

Month 8—Reiki II energy healing (part 1) (Reiki II symbols, distance healing, psychic self-defense, and using intuition)

Month 9—Reiki II energy healing (part 2) (Hands-on practice focus is on emotional healing, distance healing, and using intuition)

Month 10—Advanced Reiki (Reiki III) part 1 (Reiki symbols, advanced energy meditation, spiritual healing, and more)

Month 11—Advanced Reiki (Reiki III) part 2 (How to perform psychic surgery, releasing low vibration energies, karmic clearing, and more)

Month 12— Fun Reiki Tools: essential oils, flower essences, space clearing, Reiki altars, sound healing with chanting, toning, forks, bells, drums, and more 

You can also continue on after 12 months, and complete all 24 modules to receive a certificate of completion for the CREATE course.


This program is OVERFLOWING with valuable content and support!

When you take the CREATE program, you receive so much!  You’ll be living your life purpose, feeling healthier, and attracting more abundance and flow into your life! 

And, while this program is valued at $295/mo because of all the amazing breakthroughs you receive, I am now offering it at a special price of just $125/month. 

This is an investment in yourself that will truly change your life.  It can be scary to invest in yourself, I know!  My #1 goal is to make sure that all women who are a good fit for the program are able to join.  I truly love empowering women like you so you can learn to move mountains!

Why am I offering such a big discount?  Because I want to make it even easier for purpose-driven women like you to join!  I'm not sure how long I will offer the discount, but I’m following my inner guidance to offer it for the time being. Questions about the price and program?  Scroll down to read about the application process and we can set up a one-on-one conversation to go through all your questions. 

How Does Payment Work?

Payments are set up as monthly automatic payments for the full 12 months.  When you sign up at this discount price, you receive the discount for the full entirety of the program.  Full pay option ($1450) is also available.  You will also sign a basic agreement so you’ll know exactly what to expect with the program and payments.  There are no refunds for the program.  The CREATE program is a No-Quitter-Zone, and those who join make a personal commitment to complete the whole process.  If you choose to cancel early, you will be responsible for the remaining payments.  The purpose of this is to support you in keeping your commitments to yourself for your own powerful life transformations.

Ready to join the CREATE program? 


An application process is required in order to participate in the CREATE program.  Space is limited, and to create the very best group possible, we are selecting students who we feel are the best fit.  Please answer the following questions and email us with your responses.  We will carefully consider all applications and will contact you soon to let you know if your application has been accepted. 

  1. In what areas do you feel stuck in your life?  What’s NOT working for you?
  2. What do you REALLY want to create in your life?
  3. Why do you think you haven’t reached these goals?
  4. On a scale of 0-10, how committed are you to making positive changes in your life?
  5. What is the cost for you if you stay stuck where you’re at?
  6. How do you feel the CREATE program will help you achieve your goals?
  7. Do you have any questions for us about the CREATE program? 


When Will We Start?

If you are a good fit for the program, you can join anytime!  Once you have completed the application and registration process, you will be added to the private Facebook group where you will have access to all new content and find out about our upcoming classes. 


Where will you be in 12 months? 

Will your life be what you want it to be, or will you still be stuck? 

Now’s the time to start making changes!


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