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Welcome to Maya's Oasis ~ Energy Healing Institute


Awaken, transform, and heal your life with powerful tools and loving support with Master Energy Healer, Maya Zahira.

Maya Zahira specializes in helping spiritually-conscious women who are ready and eager to have a quantum breakthrough in their lives, women who want to supercharge their personal growth so they can finally live in alignment with their Soul Purpose.

Are YOU ready to step out and really start living the life that was intended for you?

Are YOU ready to break through the barriers that have been holding you back?  The physical and health challenges?  The relationship challenges?  The career road blocks?  The financial troubles?

Through group programs, one-on-one sessions, and downloadable courses, Maya lovingly supports you every step of the way.  She is dedicated to helping women become empowered in their own healing and personal growth.

A powerful energy healer, gifted intuitive empath, and visionary educator, Maya has helped hundreds of women heal and transform their lives.

Maya also holds a special place in her heart for assisting women suffering from chronic exhaustion.  Visit the Chronic Fatigue Support page for more information.


Ready For a Quantum Leap in Your Life?

Join the C-R-E-A-T-E Course

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Part spiritual support healing circle and part Reiki, Energy Healing, and Intuitive Development course, this unique 12-month program sets in motion quantum leaps in healing and life transformation!    More info…



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