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Check our 2017 Events Calendar!
Check our 2017 Events Calendar!

Welcome to Maya's Oasis ~ Energy Healing Institute

Awaken, transform, and heal your life with powerful tools and loving support with Master Energy Healer, Maya Zahira.

Very few people actually have accurate information about psychic protection.  As an expert in this field, Maya's mission is to help educate people about the techniques that *actually* work to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Through group programs and downloadable courses, Maya lovingly supports you every step of the way. 

A powerful energy healer, gifted intuitive empath, and visionary educator, Maya has helped hundreds heal and transform their lives over the last 25 years.


Are you struggling with negative or toxic energies around you?

Click HERE to learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!


Feeling stuck on the gerbil wheel of life, and wondering if there is something MORE than this? 

Click HERE to discover your true purpose.

Are you a spiritual woman experiencing chronic exhaustion, fatigue, or general overwhelm? 

Click HERE for the solution!



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