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Are You Under Psychic Attack?



A psychic attack can include any type of interference in your energy.  A psychic attack can originate from any number of sources, from a jealous or angry person unintentionally sending negative vibes your way, to a person intentionally casting a harmful magical spell against you, to minor disruptions from an annoying spirit, to a full-out attack by a malevolent spiritual entity.  No matter the source, the symptoms of psychic attack are similar, yet the symptoms can vary from case to case and person to person.  

Below you will find a comprehensive list of common symptoms of psychic attack.  

Many of the personal symptoms can be caused by normal circumstances, like everyday stress, worry, normal physical illness, mental health issues, etc., and many of the environmental symptoms can be caused by easily explainable phenomenon, like house settling, actual electrical issues in the home, cool breezes caused by a draft, etc.  Once normal causes are ruled out, you can begin to consider that energetic or paranormal causes may be to blame.  (If you are having any type of physical or mental health issue, be sure to consult your medical professional.)

As you go through the checklist below, keep in mind that even having just one symptom can indicate you’re under psychic attack.  

In other words, a person can be experiencing a severe psychic attack and only have one symptom on the list.  On the contrary, a person can have numerous symptoms on the list, but because the symptoms are mild in nature, the attack is a mild one.  Going through the checklist will help you identify whether you’re experiencing a psychic attack, but you’ll also need to weigh the severity of each symptom as you determine whether it is a mild, moderate, or severe situation.

Evaluation Instructions:

Next to each issue, write a number 0-5 to indicate what level you are experiencing that issue, with 0 indicating not at all, and 5 indicating a severe issue.  
Access the printable PDF version of this quiz HERE.

Mental/Emotional Effects:

_____ Nightmares, especially dreams of being attacked or chased
_____ Fear of going to sleep
_____ Feeling of extreme fear or dread
_____ Mental disorientation
_____ Forgetfulness, trouble focusing, or ’brain fog’
_____ Moodiness or on edge
_____ Feel angry for no apparent reason
_____ Apathy, or lack of interest in life
_____ Anxiety or worry
_____ Sudden onset of depression
_____ Obsessive thoughts
_____ Having unusually dark thoughts that don’t seem your own
_____ Nervous exhaustion or mental breakdown
_____ Feeling like you’re going crazy and/or questioning your sanity
_____ Worsening of addictive behaviors
_____ Loss of self-confidence
_____ Self-destructive thoughts, or suicidal thoughts
_____ Substance abuse, or relapse of substance abuse or other addictive behavior
_____ Thoughts, feelings, or urges that are uncharacteristic for you
_____ Suddenly acting out of character

Physical Well-Being Effects:

_____ Trouble sleeping
_____ Coughing, choking, or feeling like you cannot breathe
_____ Dizziness or vertigo
_____ Headache
_____ Stomach Ache, nausea or cramping
_____ Accident-prone
_____ Car accident or other significant accident
_____ Unexplainable exhaustion
_____ Unexplainable pain in part or all of the body
_____ Sexual impotence
_____ Change in appetite, no appetite or overeating
_____ Wake up in the morning feeling drained
_____ Unexplainable bruising
_____ Feel better after a shower or bath
_____ Sudden onset of illness (can be an explainable illness like cancer, or a condition that evades diagnosis)

Physical Experiences:

_____ Sleep paralysis
_____ Feeling of weight on your chest
_____ Foul stench from unknown origin, may smell like sulfur, something rotting, etc.
_____ Feeling icy-cold for no apparent reason
_____ Feeling like something is touching you
_____ Hair stands up on the back of your neck, or you get chills down your spine
_____ Feeling like you are being watched
_____ Missing time (a gap in memory for a certain time period--minutes, hours, or days)
_____ Reality seems to bend.  Odd thing occur that make no sense.
_____ Feeling of being physically touched, attacked, molested, or sexually assaulted by an unseen source 

Life Issues:

_____ Unusually bad luck in finances, relationships, career, or other areas of life
_____ Upsurge of drama in your life
_____ Challenging life situations such as divorce, loss of job, death in the family, etc.
_____ Unusual amount of interpersonal conflict in your life
_____ A family member or pet becomes unexplainably ill or dies.
_____ Bank account has been hacked, identity theft, loss of a large amount of money, or going through bankruptcy

Issues in Physical Environment:

_____ Items going missing from home
_____ Electronic devices breaking or acting strange
_____ Lights flashing
_____ Odd temperature fluctuations in the home, especially cold spots
_____ Seeing apparitions--ghosts, demons, or other spiritual beings
_____ Physical objects moving for no explainable reason
_____ Feel uncomfortable in one part of your home
_____ Hearing unusual sounds in the home, including knocking, creaking, disembodied voices, etc.
_____ Seeing shadows, or feeling like you see something out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn to look, nothing is there

Assessing Your Results

Add up your results from your evaluation so you have one final number.  It is quite challenging to create a ‘grading scale’ for this evaluation because some items on the list are quite obviously indications of psychic attack (like seeing a malevolent spirit and literally being attacked by it), compared to more subtle experiences.  If you are having an obvious, severe situation, you already know that you are under attack.  However, for those of you experiencing more subtle, difficult to identify issues, this evaluation scale can be helpful.
0-5--It is unlikely that you are under any sort of psychic attack, but it won’t hurt to do some clearing and protection techniques just in case.
5-10--It is possible that you may be under psychic attack.  Go ahead and do some clearing and protection techniques so you are on the safe side.
10-15--It is likely you are under moderate psychic attack.  As soon as possible, perform clearing and protection techniques.
15 and up--It is likely you are under severe psychic attack.  Immediately employ the most powerful clearing and protection techniques you can and seek the help of a psychic protection professional.
As you ponder your results from this survey, keep in mind that some psychic attacks can come on very strongly and sudden, while others can be quite subtle and come on gradually.  Extreme psychic attacks tend to be more obvious, while subtle psychic attacks can sometimes be difficult to identify.  One of my students calls the subtle type of psychic attack a “slow burn psychic attack” because it can go on for months or even years without being fully recognized.  


I’ve noticed that as human beings, we tend to avoid truths that feel uncomfortable, so even when we have evidence of a psychic attack right in front of us, we don’t want to admit what is really happening.  It’s time to do an honest evaluation and look at what is really happening in your life.  Are there any indications of psychic attack in your life?  (Or have there been any indications in the past?). If so, don’t despair.  Read on for options on how you can obtain more knowledge about how psychic attacks work and how you can clear and protect yourself.



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